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The Easiest Way to Make Your Own Wednesday Addams Costume 2023

How to Dress Up as Wednesday Addams

by Lina Zhu 21 Feb 2023

Dressing up as Wednesday Addams can be a fun and easy costume idea. Here are the basic steps to create a Wednesday Addams look:

  1. Start with a black dress: Choose a black dress with a white collar that hits above the knee. Look for a simple, A-line silhouette to achieve the classic Wednesday Addams look.

  2. Add black stockings: Wear black tights or knee-high stockings to complete the look.

  3. Choose black shoes: Opt for black shoes, such as flats or Mary Janes, to match the dress.

  4. Style your hair: Part your hair down the middle and braid each side, leaving the braids hanging over your shoulders. Alternatively, you could wear a black wig with braids.

  5. Apply minimal makeup: Keep the makeup minimal with pale skin, dark eyes, and dark lips. Use a light foundation or powder to make your skin look pale, and apply black eyeliner and mascara to create a dramatic eye look. Finish with a dark lipstick, such as a deep red or plum shade.

  6. Carry a prop: Add a finishing touch to your Wednesday Addams costume with a prop, such as a plastic spider, a black umbrella or the Thing hand.

With these simple steps, you can easily create a classic Wednesday Addams costume that's perfect for Halloween, costume parties, or any other dress-up occasion.

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