We mainly to the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and some other European countries. Due to our wide range of designs, good quality, reasonable price, secure payment, fast delivery and timely communication, www.hallowitchcostumes.com has become one of the most popular sites among young people.

100 animal onesie designs

We have THE widest range of animal onesie designs which means you can easily find the kigurumi pajama of your favorite animal to equip your cuteness.

Good quality

Our animal onesie pajamas are made of either fleece or polyester for different weather. Both fabric are durable and comfortable to wear. 

We are confident that our onesies quality is the best. You get what you see when order from www.hallowitchcostumes.com. The quality and design are 100% the same as advertised.

Some other sites are using our pictures but send customers horrible onesies. Be aware of sites selling very low priced onesie pajamas. 

Here are some examples of Hallowitch products and other funny looking pajamas.

spyro onesie difference

Our Sulley onesies are made of long fleece fabric. The eyes, nose and cheek are stuffed. It looks cute.

sulley onesie difference

Poor quality giraffe onesies look weird. Horns are different and the noses are not at the right place.

giraffe onesie difference


We suggest you ask for pictures of the actual item before you order if you purchase from other places.

Secure payment

Paypal process the payment no matter you paid with your Paypal balance or by your credit or debit card. Paypal won't let us know a little bit about your card information and your buyer's right is protected. After you pay, all we know if your email and address. 


Timely communication

99% of inquiries are replied in 24 hours. When you need help or have a problem, We will never vanish like some other online stores. 

Something Else

Apart from animal onesie pajamas, we also offer other Halloween costumes like superhero costumes, clown costumes, costumes inspired by movies, princess costumes, Disney costumes and more. Now please feel free to dig and have fun.

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