We have a 30-day return policy, which means you have 30 days after receiving your item to request a return.  All items can be returned except for gift cards.

1.You will receive full refund or free exchange for your return when:

Item received is wrong size, design or is broken or defective.

Item arrives after promised delivery date and you no longer need it.

We pay for return shipping.

2.You will receive PARTIAL refund for your return when:

1). Item does not fit and it is the correct size, design and in good condition.

2). You do not want or like the item and it is the correct size, design and in good condition. 

3). Item arrives in time and the item is the correct size, design and in good condition. 

Under this circumstance, we do not refund shipping. Buyer has to pay return shipping. When exchange is prefered, you also need to pay shipping to send the new item.

3. Refund is sent by PayPal in 24 hours after tracking result of the return order says delivery online.

4. Return has to be authorized before order is returned. You can reach us at service@hallowitchcostumes.com.

5. To ensure timely refund and delivery of the package, we suggest using traceable postal service for the return.

6. You have to email us the tracking number for the return so we can track it.

For more information about return, please contact us at service@hallowitchcostumes.com.

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